David Tigranov

David Tigranov

Welcome to my page.

My gratitude to MusicaNeo for giving us this great opportunity to share our music with the world.  At the same time opportunity to learn about what other composers are busy with.

My main interests are music, art, literature, our life, and philosophy of life, life and death, society, the world.

In my music I try to describe different aspects of our lives. Happiness and misery, love, individual and society, war and peace, people and politics and so on...

My main works are:

"Peace To The World", cantata for symphony orchestra, choir, narrator. Text from Bible and many  famous writers.

1915. Genocide, for symphony orchestra.

1988. Earthquake, for symphony orchestra.

"A Little Whim", overture for symphony orchestra.

"Thus Spoke Zarathustra” on  Fr. Nietzsche's text, for baritone and piano.

"Life".  Piano cycle.